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Real Estate Digital Transformation

Giulia Gori

In recent years we have witnessed a dramatic change in the way companies operate. The rise indigital technologies has disrupted traditional business models, creating new opportunities for companies to reach and stimulate the experience of their stakeholders and beyond.

This has involved improving the quality of products and services offered, optimising business processes, reducing costs, improving efficiency, and increasing turnover. The Digital Transformation is changing the way we live, work and share information.



We are currently experiencing a “new normal”. New technologies have now made a clean break with the past. We are not talking about a generational time-lapse; everything has happened in a few years.  

The Digital Transformation refers to a series of cultural, organisational, social, creative and managerial changes under way, associated with the use of digital technologies. It goes far beyondusing software and going paperless.

It impacts on all aspects of our existence, a real revolution in thinking bringing improvements in the social, personal and professional aspects of human life.

In this context, adaptability is now becoming a fundamental prerogative for the survival of companies. In every sector, acceptance of the digital trend is due to a real change of mindset, which must be pursued by all areas.


Digitising a process is only the first step in transforming your business. In fact, the Digital Transformation is more than just upgrading the way you do business; rather, it is about strategically positioning yourself within this new economy. In it, technology, processes and platforms are renewing and involving all aspects of business operations: from R&D to production and management, to communication and subsequent sales.

This therefore means a radical change in how the company operates within its sector and provides value for its customers. Digital technology is consciously integrated into all areas of a company to achieve four fundamental steps:


·       Changing and adapting how business is generated and done, keeping the company competitive.

·       Improving and automating organisational processes.

·       Speedingup growth.

·       Promoting business scalability.


The impact of the Digital Transformation in Real Estate is significant. The use of technology offers end-users greater access to information about properties for sale or rent and a variety of ways to connect with brokers and, more generally, undertake profitable Real Estate ventures of interest. This inevitably leads to greater responsiveness in the Real Estate market, where the buying and selling process is now faster, more efficient and more transparent.

In this connection, a specific accompanyingstrategy must be structured for the Digital Transformation with teams of Real Estate specialists, through different steps:

1-   Analysis of current processes and definition of transformation objectives.

2-   Construction of a strategic/temporal transformation programme.

3-   Setup and digital installation

The adoption of technology platforms, downstream of a consolidated process, will enable those involved to optimiseresources, making the procurement process simpler and faster.

Products, services, methodologies and technologies, business development tools that help to match supply and demand.


The Digital Transformation offers numerous benefits to companies and individuals alike, the former in terms of competitive advantage, the latter in terms of maximising the experience and the accessibility of information.

To optimise efficiency, reduce costs and increase revenues in any Real Estate operation, one’s business workflow must be reset to adopt a more digital perspective.  

Transformation in the Real Estate sector is an ever-evolving process, where changes can be planned and implemented with the help of specific professionals who support the company on the path to Digital Transformation.

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