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june 2022

In a constantly changing social context, TECMA has always  demonstrated its desire to provide a continuous technological contribution to  the world of Real Estate.

Art and technology come together to implement a revolutionary process of formal aesthetic enhancement of architecture.

Today’s photography requires that players quickly adapt to the ever-changing needs of the market.

TECMA becomes key interpreter of the context, providing users with a holistic view of architecture. Storytelling is implemented by a combination  of crucial technologies: from virtual photosand short films to the in-store experience. The end customer will be accompanied by a tailor-made narrative for a unique and immersive experience that bridges the physical with the virtual.

Digital breaks down every barrier in terms of time and space, allowing for a wide range of sales actions - no longer limited to physical, offline channels.

These constant changes redefine key balances in the Real Estate sector,  suggesting the necessity of adopting new strategies to best utilize the  opportunities to create and add value offered by technology, and consequently  the channels that derive from it.

If speed, efficiency, and competitiveness are now  all basic elements of daily life, itis necessary to have high performing  IT infrastructure.

The constant contribution of industry-wide innovation has been  confirmed in May 2020, with the introduction of the software platform for new  real estate initiatives. A tool which demonstrates the company’s ability to  respond swiftly especially with respect to today’s post-COVID needs.

The platform can guarantee the continuous tracking of real estate initiatives for the interested parties. The investor will have direct access to the data, that which relates directly to the specific needs of the end customers and the big data section. The possibility of technical and stylistic configurations will be activated for the buyer, following the guided online purchase proposal.

Extracting accurate information, having user-friendly analytics that can transform the needs of the business into concrete actions, increasing margins and accelerating asset sales are all crucial elements.

The portal therefore further facilitates the process of buying and selling real estate by engaging clients in a “high definition” experience.

The analytics facilitate the process of analysing large volumes of data in house and extracting valuable information. The results are “data that speaks” transformed in realmarket insights that can be used for making incisive decisions.

There must no longer be an interruption of the infinite flow between analytics,  knowledge and decisions, better defined as aninfinity loop. A continuous and infinite learning cycle circle fuelled by a virtuous exchange of data and information with the aim to innovate.

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Vita, the new luxury property on Grove Isle, offers an unforgettable luxury-wellness experience. With stunning views of the sea and of Biscayne Bay this unique CMC Group property is the ideal place for those seeking a relaxing holiday or an elegant Florida retreat.

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